Saturday, September 16, 2017

Minimizing the Master Bathroom

When we moved to this house, we were overjoyed to have two full bathrooms, even though they may be smaller than the average American full bathroom.  Our girls share one bath off the hallway, and we have our own bathroom in our bedroom.  Even though guests don't usually see our bathroom, I still feel better when it is tidy because I see our bathroom so much!  I like a clean, fresh feel in the bathroom, and I think I have finally mastered it as best as I can.

We replaced the flooring from vinyl to tile and now back to vinyl.  I find that vinyl flooring is MUCH easier to keep clean, and I love the look of this floor!  The cabinetry is the original from when we purchased the home in January 2012, but I have a feeling we will chalk paint it a light grey in the future or replace it.  I am leaning more toward the chalk paint since it is great quality and perfect sized for our needs.  The countertop definitely needs replacing, but it still works for now, so it stays.  

The minimizing we've done concerns the walls, inside the cabinetry, and the countertops.  Since we have a smaller countertop, I really enjoy having it is as clear as possible.  All of our other needs are stored away nicely in the cabinetry so that we only have to place our handsoap on the counter.  So much cleaner looking!  

I also paired down the amount of candles I used to place in here for when I take a bath.  I am embarassed to even mention the amount of candles I USED to have.  I just kept my two favorite smells and place them on top of the cabinet above the toilet until I take a bath.  I also really like to use bath salts and bath bombs to relax, so those are kept in two glass containers on the back of the toilet.  

We hang our towels on a coat rack next to the shower/bath.  We also keep two of our Norwex cloths in here for cleaning.  I'd like to hang something above this one day, but I have not yet found the RIGHT thing.  

The cabinet above the toilet holds our daily use products.  I have the top two shelves for beauty products, contact solution, hair products, hair clips, etc. Scott occupies the lower shelf with his man stuff.  We use all of the items in here, so nothing unnecessary lives in this space.

The two drawers in the vanity hold things like floss picks, cotton pads, cotton swabs, toothbrushes, feminine products, hair ties, tweezers, etc.  These are handy in small containers we've had.  A few years ago, I lined the bottom of the drawers with contact paper, so we have a happy pattern to see when opening the drawers.

Last, the vanity underneath- I have my make-up hanging on small containers on the door, attached with clear command hooks.  We also keep our mouthwash, bubble bath, and lotions in the vanity bottom.  

We painted the bathroom a light greenish-blue (Sherwin Williams' Sea Salt), which makes it feel light and airy since we don't have a window in here.  I also put the girls' old shower curtain in here when they got new things.  It is mostly white with a few light blue and tan stripes.  We really feel like this is a great space to get ready in, and I feel like it is 95% paired down and complete.  

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